Trashman Duties

  1. Look at the list of content which people have requested be deleted (found at views/by_workflow)
  2. For each piece of content, complete the following checks
    • Check for "recent hits" on the views page. If there are many, greater than five or ten, then be cautious.
    • Check the URL alias and node id against the URL Alias List using the path finding tool, located at admin/build/path/find. If there are aliases to the node that look current, proceed with caution.
    • If a node has a link to "up one level" toward the top, it is an index page. Make a note of the node id and, when possible, create a view that replicates the index page functionality at the same location the index page used to exist.
    • If there are questions about the content, do not delete. Review the workflow comments and/or contact the person who requested the content be deleted in order to verify it needs deletion.
  3. After the checks are completed, you may delete the content using the bulk operations view (views/by_workflow) or you can delete the node from the node edit screen (node/nid/edit).