Adding Content to the MMI Website

It's easy to contribute to the MMI web site, and we encourage you to do so! This page provides a little guidance on the process and contains links to the different kinds of content you may add. Simply click on the highlighted content type to begin—after reading the text below, please!

Note: We allow anonymous users to submit contributions, but these will not be visible to anyone on the site until they are reviewed. If you do submit content without logging in, please provide your email address and name if we may contact you for further information.

There are a few main content types on the MMI site. Click on the highlighted content type to:

  • Add an MMI Reference
    An MMI Reference is a page that describes a community tool, project, organization, vocabulary or content standard. All of the community resources that MMI describes are entered as MMI references.
    An MMI Reference includes a short name, a title, a short description, a pointer (or 2) to an outside web page, called a Reference URL, a reference type, reference topic, new keywords, an estimate of its maturity, and a description. It will be given a URL automatically, using its short name, so please use only lower case letters in the Short Name. The URL will be references/shortname.
  • Add an MMI Event
    This is any event of interest to marine scientists, data managers, or informatics professionals in our domain. It includes time and location information, a short description, and a pointer to the website where you can find out more about the event. If possible, include extra information, like abstract submission deadlines.
  • Add an MMI Opportunity
    These are community opportunities to advance metadata interoperability. They include grants and other solicitations, job opportunities, and community projects that solicit involvement.
  • Add a Page
    This is mostly used for content that's part of a project or a team's work. It is the most basic and versatile content type, and has no required fields except:
    • Title
    • Short Name
    • Short description
      This really means SHORT - it should be a very brief (10 words) description.
    • Group content filing system: an item type, usually a document.
    • Audience
      If you are creating a page for a working group (a team) please select the team's name from the Audience list; all the members of the team may view that content. Pages can be shared by more than one group, if needed; just select additional group names. Pages with no group assignment may be harder to find.
    • Keywords (or New Keywords)
      Choosing appropriate keywords will make your pages show up in searches and views.

Special Content: Books and Attachments

Special content types may be added by members of the site. Books, files, and images are the site's currently supported special content types.

To upload a document or an image, create a Page and use the field File attachments. The page will be used to locate your content within the system; you will still want to supply enough metadata (title, short description, and keywords) to identify the item.

Drupal supports the concept of books as special content that is arranged as a hierarchy, with an automatically generated Table of Contents. To add to an existing book on this web site, go to the page to which you want to attach a subpage, and click on "Add subpage". It's the best way to add to a book. Alternatively, you can go to the default Drupal page to add a book page and supply the "parent page" there.


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