Many Multifaceted Marinexplore Metadata Multiplying

(Full disclosure to MMI community: I work at Marinexplore.)

I've had the pleasure of seeing a new capability released at Marinexplore that is All About Metadata.  The Marinexplore Data Browser lets you see landing pages for all the key entities that the system maintains (data streams, platforms, institutions, and projects).

As you might imagine I've been a bit busy pulling together all the necessary metadata, not to mention helping the team with presentation and all that. So this post is pretty brief, but it's been a blast to see the idea go from concept to reality in a few short months. Rob de Almeida and I, two of the data interoperability geeks on the team, have been loving the new ways of organizing and looking at our data. Want to see where all the Argo float data we have is located? Visit the Argo project page—then check out any of the floats listed on that page.

There have been a ton of things we've learned about all the entities out there 'in the wild', and the metadata they display (or not). I'll add some Marinexplore blog posts soon about some of our best practices and lessons learned. In the meantime, we're catching up on newly discovered metadata for some of our existing entities, and we'll be adding lots more data streams and other entities soon, so your comments and insights will be welcome.