MMI software in ESIP Federation space

To become a post about MMI's semantic repository being selected as an ESIP repository.

Testing an image




Designing Your Sensor Network in 3 Easy Rules

The Problem

Say you're in charge of your lab's project to collect some environmental data. Your boss specified the sensors, or at least specified their capabilities, and expects you to put everything else together to make the data really work. How can you build this system so the data really is the Right Stuff?

Next Gen Web: Identifier Reality

Resource identifiers on the World Wide Web. By now we've all had the chance to study up on these identifiers, play with them, proclaim our favorite types, even build something with them. Universal, unique, uniform, resource-y, resolvable, digital, persistent, discoverable, cool—what's not to like about identifiers? Especially because they are so … purposeful.

Many Multifaceted Marinexplore Metadata Multiplying

(Full disclosure to MMI community: I work at Marinexplore.)

OOPS! Ontology Pitfall Scanner!

I just learned about this tool, which I'm finding very useful.


Below are results when applied on some of the ontologies generated with ORR tools. These results will certainly help improve these tools in future versions.


I just came across this nice tool and created the following using the RSS feed from the front page:

Interesting to explore the use of such a visualization tool for vocabularies and mappings in the ORR repository.

The MMI Survey

MMI has posted a survey to learn what its members think of its capabilities and its future direction. You can participate in the survey at

If you have comments about the survey or MMI, as a member you can add your thoughts here. Let us know!

NEW Draft Criteria

Good Afternoon All!

Just wanted to update everyone on what we've been up to. Alan and I have collaborated together in revising the Draft Criteria questions. I wanted to post them up and let you all see and get some feedback before I proceed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a good weekend!



1. Is this a single vocabulary or a collection of vocabularies?

2a. Does the vocabulary or collection of vocabularies have a governance structure?

A place where we can all critique freely

To All,

Fran, Andy, and I have been brainstorming on my project that I will be working on this summer. Before I progress more into the CMSP Controlled Vocabulary criteria, I have a few questions that I hope can be answered.

The Best Parameter Vocabulary

Let's say I want to find the best vocabulary out there for describing things in the environment that can be observed—variables, parameters, phenomena, observable properties, whatever you might call them. If you are doing earth science on your laptop, these might be the labels you put in the top row of your spreadsheet.

How can I find that best vocabulary for a given domain and situation, like environment science (especially oceanography) observations in an infrastructure project? Shall we try?


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