Ask MMI!

Note: Because of excessive spam, we haven't been able to keep up with questions sent to the ask mailing list at Until we have a good solution to that annoyance, please follow the instructions on this page. Thanks!

Asking Your Metadata Question

Asking your question is easy! Just send it to John Graybeal at (replacing the -at- with an @, of course), and he will forward it to the ask mailing list.

He can make your query anonymous if you'd like, just mention that in your email.

The replies will be archived on the list archives, and if you don't ask for anonymity, will be copied via email back to you.

Learning from Ask

You can also subscribe directly to the ask email list (although you may have to let John know you've done that, if you aren't approved within a day or so). Then you can see all the information that this list generates. You can even help us answer questions that you know something about!) We would love to have you as part of our ask (and answer) team!