Welcome to the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project

"Promoting the exchange, integration and use of marine data through enhanced data publishing, discovery, documentation and accessibility."

Our goal is to support collaborative research in the marine science domain, by simplifying the incredibly complex world of metadata into specific, straightforward guidance. MMI encourages scientists and data managers at all levels to apply good metadata practices from the start of a project, by providing the best guidance and resources for data management, and developing advanced metadata tools and services needed by the community.

MMI Project Status (2014!)

What's happening with the MMI project?

The MMI project was first funded by the National Science Foundation in 2004. Today it continues to provide guidance, vocabularies and semantic services, with regular updates on events and news of interest to the community. Our continued popularity is confirmed both by page visits, and steady streams of positive comments, many to the tune of "MMI is essential, we need to keep it going."

Community members update the web site through event entries, blog posts, twitter feeds, and news and content contributions. Community contributions are always welcome—MMI is a great place to capture your knowledge of marine metadata so that everyone can use it! Please contact us if you want to participate, individually or as a group.

Marine Metadata Web Site Now Hosted by TAMU-CC/Harte Research Institute

Migration of MMI web completed

The MMI Web Site, where you are reading this, has transitioned to its new home at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC), in the Harte Research Institute.

MMI Ontology Registry and Repository Site Transition

Migration of mmisw.org completed on schedule

The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) has transitioned to its new home at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC). On Friday September 6, Technical Lead Carlos Rueda worked with Felimon Gayanilo (Systems Architect, Harte Research Institute) and Phil Hale (Systems Administrator) of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to re-host the site.

NOAA/NCDDC Metadata Training Series

NOAA's National Coastal Data Development Center will again be hosting metadata training webcasts in 7 1-hour sessions. These are free training events, focused on basic metadata capabilities with an FGDC Content Standards for Digitial Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM, commonly referred to as the FGDC standard). 

Webinars are held every week on Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM CST (GMT-5). Each session topic will last no longer than one hour.

Want to become a member?

To become an MMI member, see this page for instructions. Registrations are disabled due to spam, so we'll take care of you personally!

MMI Paper on Semantic Mediation Published

Architectural Overview The MMI Project is pleased to report an MMI-based paper, Semantic mediation of vocabularies for ocean observing systems, has been published in the journal Computers & Geosciences. Co-authored by John Graybeal, Anthony Isenor, and Carlos Rueda, the paper describes how semantic mediation of vocabularies is needed for any diverse ocean observing system, and the semantic framework and technologies introduced by MMI. It includes an explanation of the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, describing many of its features, present uses, and possible future uses.

This paper serves as a simple basic introduction to semantic tools and mediation, an overview of MMI's semantic framework and tools, and a great citation for the MMI ORR work that has been funded by NSF and supported by MMI's staff and many volunteers.

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