Welcome to the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project

"Promoting the exchange, integration and use of marine data through enhanced data publishing, discovery, documentation and accessibility."

Our goal is to support collaborative research in the marine science domain, by simplifying the incredibly complex world of metadata into specific, straightforward guidance. MMI encourages scientists and data managers at all levels to apply good metadata practices from the start of a project, by providing the best guidance and resources for data management, and developing advanced metadata tools and services needed by the community.

MMI Project Status (Fall 2015)

What's happening with the MMI project?

The MMI project was first funded by the National Science Foundation in 2004. Today it continues to provide guidance, vocabularies and semantic services, with regular updates on events and news of interest to the community. Our continued popularity is confirmed by page visits, positive comments, and community use. Your contributions are always welcome—to become a member, see this page for instructions—it's easy! And please contact us if you want to participate or offer feedback.

X-DOMES EarthCube Grant includes funding for ORR

The 2-year NSF collaborative proposal titled “EarthCube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Cross-Domain Observational Metadata Environmental Sensing Network (X-DOMES)” has been funded by NSF's EarthCube project. The researchers in this project are researching new and evolving methods to observe properties and to process the collected observations. This is a pilot project seeking to target large-NSF funded data programs and associated sensor manufacturers to implement proven technologies in the capture of sensor metadata.  MBARI's Carlos Rueda is participating in the project to provide support for, and changes to, the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository.

ESIP Federation Funds ORR Grant

The ESIP Federation has awarded MMI's John Graybeal a grant to deploy the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, ORR, as an ESIP testbed application. The grant was awarded this summer, and the work is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

The new ORR instance will be deployed on ESIP's AWS cloud, and will be called the ESIP Community Ontology Repository. It provides a new resource for the Earth science community, and is not expected to move or duplicate any of the existing ORR semantic assets.

Marine Metadata project transitions from Google Code

Today, Google reported that they are cancelling the Google Code project hosting repository. This brings no worries for MMI; we recently migrated from Google Code to our GitHub repository, thanks to our sharp Technical Lead. And Google put some effort into fixing a bug we reported, so we can still access our old repositories on Google Code if needed.

Given the news, this seems like a good opportunity to consider what makes sites last in the Internet era. Every now and then we at MMI hear someone say "the MMI project is ending." This is always surprising (and vexing) for us to hear, as MMI remains the largest collection of metadata resources in the earth science community, with active operational support by TAMU-Corpus Christi, technical and project leadership, and members of its international Steering Committee. What lets MMI remain active and respected, despite periods of limited funding, while projects like Google Code are retired? 

MMI provides browsing for CF standard names!

MMI has created a new service to browse Standard Names of the NetCDF Climate and Forecast Convention.

CFSN uses the CF Standard Names vocabulary, as hosted in the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, to provide a browseable and searchable interface to the Standard Names. With the CFSN tool, you can easily see the Standard Names, their definitions, and their canonical units; search for any particular standard name or substring (including Regular Expression and GLOB searching!); and follow linked names to learn more about any specific name. But there are more features than that….

Marine Metadata Web Site Now Hosted by TAMU-CC/Harte Research Institute

Migration of MMI web completed

The MMI Web Site, where you are reading this, has transitioned to its new home at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC), in the Harte Research Institute.

MMI Paper on Semantic Mediation

Architectural OverviewThis paper serves as a simple basic introduction to semantic tools and mediation, an overview of MMI's semantic framework and tools, and a great citation for the MMI ORR work that has been funded by NSF and supported by MMI's staff and many volunteers.

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